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Music Theory in 5 Minutes

This is a series of tutorials on music theory made for people producing music on their computer.

While composing in a DAW, scores are rarely used, and piano rolls are the most common way to display notes.

That is why I chose not to use scores in this series and use piano keyboards instead to explain intervals and chord structures.

1. Consonances & dissonances

2. Harmonics, the basis of sound design

3. Temperaments, how instruments are tuned

4. Scales & modes

5. Triad chords

6. 7th chords

7. Cadences

8. Harmonic minor & melodic minor

9. Cycle of fifths

10. Modulations

11. Substitutions & borrowings



14. Voicing

15. Embellishing tones

16. Rhythm notation

17. Time signatures

18. Polyrhythm & polymeter

19. Summing up whaat we've seen so far

(Music Theory cheat sheet)

20. Pentatonic scales

21. Blues scale

22. 9th chords

23. Hamonise & reharmonise a melody

24. 7b5 and diminished 7th chords

25. How to use any scale

26. How to compose in any mode

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