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Woochia - Travels EP

Release date: 01.Oct.2017

Artist information

Label: Self-released

Genre: Melodic/Soft Techno

Hometown: London - UK

Influences: Tool, Heretik, Igorrr, Beethoven

Sounds like: Rone, Popof, Worakls

About this EP

Created by French music-producer Woochia based in London, this 6-tracks album - or EP - uses the soothing tones of acoustic instruments (like guitars or didgeridoo) with tones usually used for meditation (singing bowls, different types of throat singing) mixed with powerful drums and electronic bass lines to deliver a soft and melodic techno music, perfect for travelling. All the tracks of this album have been composed in trains, buses and coaches while travelling between and around London and Paris. These songs capture the feeling of being on the road, following the drift of the mind in its own imagination while the landscapes go by, behind the window.


"The recording instantly feels like a quintessential,

well-crafted eclectic concoction"

"I highly recommend a complete listen to the Travels EP from start to finish to refresh a tired or troubled mind."

"you might well be drawn to wonder if you had found the perfect soundtrack for your journey through the neon jungle"

"Woochia definitely leaves a great impression on you"

"there is a truly perfect equilibrium in the song."

"one that offers a sublimely impressive taster"

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French music and video producer Woochia processes heavily every-day sounds to create smooth and melodic techno tunes. He implement wide atmospheres and meditation sounds in his music - such as Tibetan or Inuit throat singing.

After Studying Musicology in the University of Evry and 10 years of composing computer music, his projects lead him to work with artists like Richard "Kory" Rivereau (Beyond the Dust, Rise) and Ebde (Ebde, Otter and Snake).

The work of this multi-faceted artist, who does his mixes and video himself, has been features in mix-tapes from "Reason France vol.3" in his early beginnings to "L'été à la ferme" by the Farworker (Champ’Caine Records).

Beside his music productions, Woochia also produce videos for his Youtube channel where he shares how he processes some of his sounds as well as some musical challenges and music theory tutorials.

Videos and other works (click to open)
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